Do you have a product to sell already, but have no idea how to get it on your website?

Do you need help to create a product that can be sold online?

Are you transitioning from an in-person to an on-line business and need help getting it set up?


… But how do you get it online? There are many options. (shopping carts and payment systems and online stores, oh my!) If you’ve worked with a mentor or business coach, you might have an idea of the tools you want to use. And if you’re not sure, we can help you decide. Either way, leave the “internet stuff” to us.

How We Can Help

Things to consider when setting up online purchasing are not just the mechanism to store and hold your online items (also known as a shopping cart), but also how you will get paid. There are more options for both of these things than cereal choices at your local grocery store. It can make your head spin. We can help you figure that out. We often find that clients come to us already paying for multiple systems that do the same thing (whaaaat?) – we help them consolidate and save money.

But you might not even be to the point of getting your products or programs online. We can also help you design them or put them together. Our clients span a wide range of professions, and some of the things we’ve helped to set up are: E-books, consulting sessions, memberships, mastermind groups, and live products.

No matter where you are in the process, we can help guide you from the idea, to getting it online. Some of our clients need design work, or help putting together books and other downloadable products. Some clients have their products ready to go and just need them put online. Wherever you are, we’ve got your back!