Do you love to speak, but hate working on PowerPoint presentations?

Do your PowerPoint presentations always suck?

Do you ever think “I wish someone would just do this for me!”?


Why does PowerPoint always seem to be an afterthought? I constantly see amazing speakers who make every detail at their event magnificent; they go so far as to match their earrings / tie with the table clothes, but the PowerPoint looks like crap.

A poorly designed PowerPoint presentation distracts the viewer from the high quality content being delivered, and instead draws their attention to sub-standard design. This reduces the impact of the speaker and distracts from the message.

We won’t let your PowerPoint suck.

How We Can Help

We make amazing PowerPoint Presentations that are modern, and in-line with the magnificent clients we serve. Our approach is to use big graphics, and minimal words. Your presentation will help support your talking point so the focus is on you, not the PowerPoint.

We are very flexible in the ways we can help you. Here are some approaches we’ve taken with clients in the past: We can edit and refresh your existing presentation by cleaning up and redesigning slides that don’t work. Some clients hand us their talks (or basic outline / notes) and we can help decide which talking points get slides. You can send over notes, speeches, or slides in almost any combination and we will return a beautiful-and-easy-to-see-but-not-distracting-or-sucky presentation back to you.