Have you heard that podcasting could help your business, but you don’t know where to begin?

Do you want to do a podcast, but don’t know how?

Have you seen other businesses do podcasting and think “I could do that!”, but haven’t?

Are you confused by all the podcasting tools out there?


Podcasting has increased in popularity as a marketing and business tool in the past few years. Podcasts are great for you because they are fairly easy to produce (once you know how… and we can help with that.). Podcasts are great for the user because they are portable and once you subscribe, they automatically download to your device. You always have the latest episode on hand!

Podcasting is great for the established speaker, or aspiring speaker. It’s a little less formal than a teleseminar, because it’s one of many instead of just one to launch an event. It does take some time and commitment, but once you get started (assuming you are charming on the mic, and have a voice that doesn’t sound like nails on a chalkboard) it’s fun and potentially great for biz!

An estimated 57 million Americans over age 12 listen to podcasts in a month (that’s over 1 in 5), and the numbers keep rising!

How We Can Help

Our resident podcast expert has been listening to and learning about podcasts before they were cool. More important, he actually has one.  No matter where you stand in the podcasting world – from newbie to “been there done that” status, we can help.

If you’re new to the podcasting, we can help you figure out a format and topics for your podcast and help you brainstorm ideas to get it off the ground. We’ll discuss recording requirements for podcasting and help you get up and running, and listed on iTunes.

If you’ve done this before, but don’t have time for the details of it all, we can help with that. From editing your audio file to getting it uploaded, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get podcasting!