Do you want to send emails to your list, but can’t seem to find the time?

Are you confused on which system to use to send emails to your list?

Do you wish you knew if anyone was reading your emails (and which ones do the best)?


Email marketing. Ezines. Newsletters. Autoresponders. Broadcast emails. Launch emails…

Whatever you call it – it’s an email. From you, to someone else. (And let’s face it – that someone else probably has about 387 other emails needing their attention.) But, unless you’re going to run your butt down to the post office and send a postcard (yes, the US Postal Service is still in business), then this email marketing thing is a necessity.

AND, if you’re going to bother doing it, you might as well do it right.

How We Can Help

Almost all of our clients send emails to a list of some sort. If you’re in business, you have clients (or you will… or… we should talk), and if you have clients, you’re going to want to communicate with them on a regular basis about whatever it is you do. This requires an email sending program of some sort. Given the popularity of email sending these days, there are LOTS to choose from. We can help you sort out which is the best for you. OR, if you’ve already chosen one, we can free up your time and send them out for you more than every 7.2 weeks (or months… ahem, you know who you are). About to launch a campaign? We can get your marketing emails loaded up for you and make sure they get out in time.