About Us

Laurie CantusLaurie Cantus, CEO and Founder of Go2Girls, has a passion for helping small business owners implement their big ideas. Amassing over ten years of executive administrative support and twelve years of military service, Laurie developed superb organizational skills and creative approaches to problem solving, worked with extremely diverse groups of people and learned to meet tight deadlines without batting an eye. She honed her highly regarded skills as an executive assistant, and launched Go2Girls in 2006. An Internet-based Virtual Assistant company, Go2Girls has become the 1-Stop, Go-2-Solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to move themselves and their businesses forward.

A member the International Virtual Assistants Association, The Southern California Virtual Assistants Group, and former member of Toastmasters International, Laurie is highly respected by her peers in the Virtual Professional world and is sought after for her insights, both as a businesswoman and a VA. Her clients describe her as organized, efficient, professional, intelligent, and a reliable problem-solver.

At Go2Girls, she and her talented team of virtual assistants support small businesses through implementing e-commerce solutions; blogging, website, and social networking support; creating and implementing Internet marketing strategy; and more.


Our Rockin’ Team

If having a Virtual Assistant is good, then having a TEAM of VAs must be better! Go2Girls has assembled a rock solid team of the best VAs in the industry. Those who join our team are hand-picked, and have a reputation for producing stellar results.

Our team members span the U.S. from sea to shining sea, and include experts in the areas of:

  • Project management
  • Online Business Management
  • Social media
  • Graphic design
  • Internet marketing
  • Copywriting / editing
  • Web design

We are fully staffed to take on projects of any size, constantly growing in order to support the thriving businesses of our clients. So go ahead – build your business, and build it big! We aren’t going anywhere.


Our Story

From my earliest years, I always loved “to help”. From getting the other kids’ horse under control for them in my horseback riding class, helping to train little champions in my karate school, or being a volunteer candy striper at the hospital. I loved to be the helper, the analyzer, and the one behind the scenes figuring out how to get things done and make them better. It’s always been my passion.

My love for adventure and fast-paced action eventually landed me a 12-year career in the military. Here, I really got to experience the ultimate teamwork experience in action. After I had enough of that, I moved on to the fashion industry – another fast-paced interesting field, supporting senior management as an executive assistant.

I’ve always been a good team player, but really found my passion as a team leader.

While I’ve always enjoyed being the driving force behind the success of others, I also felt I could do more. I wanted complete freedom to explore, learn new things, and discover better ways to help others accomplish more in ways that made sense (without wading through the red tape and politics that come with any old standard “job”).

And that is when I bid farewell to Corporate America, and opened the virtual doors to Go2girls.

I’ve learned throughout my years of observing the great leaders I’ve worked for and with, that
nobody who accomplishes anything great does it alone. There is just way too much to do around accomplishing greatness that has nothing to do with the “great thing” you are doing. I started my VA business because I wanted to help small business owners get more done. I expanded that business to be a team when I realized that there was so much more I could offer by implementing what I was preaching – delegating to an expert team!

What we do now is so important because we help people attain their greatness, fulfill their dreams, build their businesses, or whatever it is they want. We inspire and support amazing people who are inspiring and supporting so many other people around the world, and THAT is inspiring.

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