WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Should I use WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

That is the question.
That people ask us.
A lot.

First – what is this “WordPress” thing?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build, update, and modify your website with no coding experience. Here are the main reasons we love WordPress:

1.    WordPress is free for blogging, and as a small business website.
2.    WordPress is easy to use for the novice, with no coding involved.
3.    WordPress has wonderful features like themes to enhance the look and plugins to broaden its functions.
4.    WordPress has an international group of programmers creating new and exciting additions to the basic design.
5.    WordPress will only get better over time, based on the history and popularity.

Let’s talk about “which” WordPress to use. There is a lot of confusion over whether to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Here’s a quick-and-dirty guide to helping you distinguish between the two, and to help you make the decision on if you should use WordPress.com or WordPress.org for your business.

So, we now know that “WordPress” refers to the free software that you can use to build and manage your website.

WordPress.org is the place to go get this software and use it.
Here is the overview of WordPress.org:

  • The software is free
  • You (or your web designer) can modify and change the look of your website to do really cool stuff
  • Total control:
    • Unlimited access to paid and free themes and plugins that you can use to enhance the look and functionality of your site to your heart’s content.
    • no ads (unless you put them there)
  • You need will need to host your site with a web host company (but the cost is negligible – i.e.: about $5-$7/month with our favorite host – bluehost.com.)
  • You need to manage your own backups (but there are free plugins that can help you do this)

WordPress.com uses the WordPress software to host free blogs and websites for anyone who signs up.
Here is the overview of WordPress.com:

  • There is a free option / level – nice for business owners who are not ready to invest in a website
  • Easy installation, and free hosting (But if you use the free service, your domain name will be: www.yourwebsite.wordpress.com… not exactly professional. (You can have a custom domain name, minus .wordpres.com, if you pay extra)
  • Spam protection, backups, automatic updates, and fairly secure.
  • Using the free version, you cannot fully customize your site (which, trust me, you will want to do at some point). You must choose from their themes that have limited functionality.
  • You can’t upload ANY plugin (they have a lot available to choose from, but it’s just a small representation of what is available out there).
  • You can’t upload your own theme – you must use one of theirs (but there are lots of good ones to choose from and may be fine for starting out)
  • They can add advertisements to your site if you are using the free level (you must pay to have these removed)

Here is more information on the cost and features of each wordpress.com level.

If you are getting ready to set up your business website, and are not sure which service to use – we can help!
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